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Moroccan Oil

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Moroccan Oil - Ultra-Light Formula. Restores Shine. Strengthens and Conditions. Reduces Drying Time. Argan-oil infused formula with vitamins A, E, and F. Absorbs toxins in seconds because of its high mineral content.

The Original Moroccanoil® Hair Treatment

Ultra-Light Formula. Restores Shine. Strengthens and Conditions. Reduces Drying Time

Biolage hydrathérapie enriches dry hair with essential moisture, manageability and softness.
With Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ and Algae

Biolage™ Hydrating Shampoo

• Replenish dry, stressed hair with a dose of intense moisture.
• Infused with a complex of algae and aloe Vera to help restore hair's moisture balance.
• Hydrating Shampoo, Conditioning Balm and Cera-Repair® treatment
nourish hair for superior softness, shine and manageability.

Professional Stylist Tip
Your hair needs Biolage Hydrating Shampoo if your hair is:
• Fine to normal in thickness
• Dry in the ends or all over
• Sometimes hard to manage
• Frizzy or flyaways at times 

Biolage colorcarethérapie enlivens colored hair with vibrant radiance, enhanced color protection and preservation with Citrus, Soy Protein and Sunflower

Biolage™ Color Care Shampoo
• Gently moisturizes & protects so that color stays longer
• Hair is softer, shinier & more manageable.

Professional Stylist Tip
Keep your new color fresh and brilliant by retouching on a regular basis. For a healthy feel and shine, use a shampoo especially formulated for color-treated hair. The ingredients are gentle to hair, refresh shine and increase manageability.

Finally, a solution for damaged medium-to-coarse hair!

fortethérapie gives medium-to-coarse damaged or chemically-treated hair the inner strength it needs to bounce back and withstand future breakage.

Newly Re-formulated Strengthening Shampoo

* Gently cleanses & strengthens damaged or chemically-treated hair
* Helps restore hair’s vitality & elasticity
* Everyday shampoo

Professional Stylist Tip
Prevent breakage! Do not brush wet hair. Comb with a wide-tooth comb, working tangles out as you move from the ends toward the scalp.

Reinvigorates fine, limp or lifeless hair with voluminous body & radiant shine With Ginger and Eucalyptus

Bodifying Shampoo

• Gently cleanses & clears away dulling residue
• Awakens shine, body & vitality

Professional Stylist Tip
If your shampoo is not lathering, your hair is not wet enough! Add water, not more shampoo.

Controls dry, frizzy, unruly hair, providing ultimate smoothness and shine without adding weight.
With Avocado & Grape Seed

Smoothing Shampoo
Cleanses as it smoothes with a customized blend of weightless natural oils, leaving it soft, shiny and easy to manage.

Professional Stylist Tip
Visit your hairstylist and get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. This will prevent split ends from splitting up the hair shaft and causing your hair to frizz out.

Biolage scalpthérapie Cooling Mint nourishes the scalp, removes excess oils and revives hair as it soothes, invigorates and awakes the sense with Mint and Kola Nut Complex.

Cooling Mint Shampoo
Cooling Mint Shampoo cleanses and awakens the scalp and hair with an energizing scent for an uplifting experience. It leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable.

Professional Stylist Tip
Many persons mistakenly think that shampoo is to wash the hair and not the scalp. Actually, shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and beautify the hair. Thus, the first recommendation is to shampoo the scalp. Women with long hair should apply the shampoo, and use their fingers to vigorously massage the scalp to remove excess oils.

Cera-Repair Pro4™- hydrathérapie in-salon treatment

• Cera-Repair Pro4™, in-salon treatments, use patented ceramide to dramatically repair and reinforce hair’s natural protective layer.
• A unique fusion of Matrix science and customized formulas enriched with
hibiscus, algae or ginseng, tailored to treat hair-type specific needs.

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Professional Stylist Tip
Applied in-salon after shampooing, Cera-Repair Pro4™ needs just 5-10 minutes to vastly improve hair's condition, making it easier than ever for busy women to revitalize their locks without adding extra time to salon visits.

Matrix Expert Tip
“With the array of styling and service options available today, many women are overworking their hair. Roughly 77% of women receive chemical services and the vast majority regularly heat style, so the numbers point to the need for this service,” said Paul Smith, Matrix Vice President of Education. “New BIOLAGE Cera-Repair Pro4™ and Cera-Repair® are revolutionary options to effectively repair and dramatically revitalize hair in both a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.”

Biolage stylers are enriched with botanical extracts that renew body & shine as you shape, form & blow dry. Advanced ingredients add flexible control so hair does what you want it to, naturally.

Smoothing Shine Milk

Soft Hold

• Lightweight mist adds glossy shine
• Smoothes & banishes frizz
• Controls flyaways

Botanical milks of Rice, Bamboo & Milk Thistle

Professional Stylist Tip:
A natural bristle brush can help give you shiny hair! Use your blow dryer and a natural bristle brush to evenly distribute scalp oils. This will accentuate your hair's lustre.

Defend your hair against sun, salt and chlorine damage with five limited edition products. SUNSORIALS is great for all hair types, and a must-have for every beach bag this season.

How does SUNSORIALS work?
The unique cleansing agents are gentle enough for color-treated hair, while the luxurious conditioning agents are particularly effective at nourishing hair that has been damaged by the elements.


  • Gentle Cleansing agents remove salt and chlorine without stripping
  • Restores hydration and shine leaving hair soft, silky and manageable
  • Safe for color-treated hair



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